Gospel at Mallory Square

If you've never been to Key West you may well be wondering what Mallory Square and the Sunset Celebration are all about. You may know of Mallory Square only as the place where Bill Welzien regularly does open air evangelism, but not how unique a place it is for open air preaching. The Sunset Celebration is like a street fair with attitude. Thousands of tourists who visit Key West will gather at the western edge of Key West on Malloy Square each evening to watch the sunset. While waiting for the sun to disappear behind the horizon these tourists are able to purchase arts and crafts made exclusively in Key West by local artists. They can enjoy unique foods such as conch fritters from Mike's stand, or pretzels and hot dogs with a unique flair by Dave, or fresh squeezed juice and pina collatas by Jan. There are numerous street performers, juggling acts, sword swallowing, and high wire stunts to amuse adults and children alike. And of course there are local musicians on guitars, banjo, and bagpipes and maybe even a tuba.

All the hubbub of the performers and crowd mingles with the sound of Island music from a live band at the local Cuban restaurant and swirls around Bill Welzien and his easel at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. There amongst all the carnival atmosphere Bill makes a sobering presentation of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Bill declares to all who will listen that there is a God, that he is the creator of all, and that he speaks to man through the Bible. Bill explains that God is Holy and has given his holy laws to men. But men break God's law and so this Just God must condemn sinful man. But even more God is a God of steadfast Love who has sent his own son, born of a women, yet truly God, to die on a cross satisfying divine justice against sin. He affirms the reality of a literal and bodily resurrection and Bill concludes by calling his listeners to repentance and faith in the living God and inviting any with questions to come and speak with him.

The gospel message is not unique to Bill as an evangelist but the venue at Mallory Square is truly unique. At Mallory Square Bill ministers to the needs of the many tourists who vacation in Key West and to the performers and vendors who set up there each evening. We invite you to experience some of the sights and sounds of the Sunset Celebration as you watch videos shot on location at Mallory Square. We've posted these videos on YouTube at “KeysChristians” , our ‘channel’ to show those of you who are interested in KEM, but even more we hope that the Lord will lead many to watch the videos and hear the Gospel message, maybe for the first time. Please watch these simple videos and pray that God will draw others to them that they might hear the true Gospel preached.

KeysChristians channel on YouTube